How Takeoff and Estimating Software Helps Contractors win More Bids

Humans have been in the construction business since the early stone ages. Thanks to our cognitive abilities, we are able to learn how to build everything, from primitive stone shelters to today’s great architectural marvels. In today’s digital era, the game has changed once again. Structures are becoming more and more sophisticated and so are the planning tools. In this blog, we are going to talk about takeoff and estimating software and how it helps people in the construction estimate business bid and win more.

On average,1 in every 10 bids is actually won by a construction company. So, in most cases, 90% of your bidding effort is not going to produce any profit for you. With a top-quality takeoff and construction estimating software, you can bid 30 projects instead of 10 in the same amount of time — and that results in an additional 3 accepted jobs. By switching from the old style of takeoff to the latest tools, you become much faster in the process as you have conditions that are already built-in. The time you spend on takeoffs is lessened by 50% (if not more). And the more accurate you are, the more profitable work you’re going to get.

When more bids translate to more gigs, having the right tools to expedite the process is a no-brainer. The architect and the owners make several changes during the designing phase of a construction project. The takeoff and building estimating software gives you a very user-friendly check on that and helps you maintain speed and accuracy in the crowded and competitive bidding field. You are able to finish your work faster and provide more accurate estimates.

The takeoff and estimating software can be intimidating at first and learning how to use it might be a challenge for some, but with the right training, anyone can “takeoff”. The tool can be customized to suit different requirements based on the customer needs, so that the contractor successfully and actually achieves the goals they were hoping for.

As technology steamrolls on to the future, adapting becomes more essential for the workforce than ever. The construction industry is no exception. Construction is transforming rapidly and what we know of construction today will not be what we will see in 20-25 years from now. The part that’s most exciting is that for folks who have been on the outside, building with Xs and Os and 1s and 0s inside of software will be just as impactful as the person hanging the rock and driving the nail in making sure that that business is profitable for the next 25 to 30 years.

Thousands of construction estimators worldwide have implemented our solutions to save time, improve accuracy, and reduce costs. Contact Vertigraph for takeoff and estimating software today!

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