Features Of Takeoff Software That Are Highly Effective

There was a time when all businesses, industries, and key processes were manually carried out. Since the technology was in its infancy at that time, businesses relied on manual computing and forecasting to execute their operations. While it was fine to use such a method back in the old days, it would be foolish to continue using manual methods in this day and age where technology has advanced to such a great degree that highly designed software can help you get your work done quickly and effectively in less time.

Those who are general contractors, excavation contractors, or involved in the construction business, there is a better way for them to conduct their estimating and takeoff more efficiently with the help of advanced software. How? Let’s find out.

Availability of Template Library

Have you been dealing with countless numbers of papers, struggling to arrive at precise dimensions of oddly shaped rooms, or frequent rework? Then you surely have an idea about how time-consuming takeoff can get if you depend on manual ways. Along with greater time, you also run the risk of missing items or doubling items, which we all very well know can severely impact profitability. When you as a contractor are not confident about your final bid, it is quite likely that your project could slip out of your grasp.

But all of it changes immediately as soon as you start incorporating advanced software into your operations. Using software such as excavation takeoff software can make your estimates accurate and fast as they have a proper template library for takeoff.

There are catalogs of common construction assemblies within this software which you can use to create repeatable, tailor-made assemblies to accelerate the takeoff process and bring down errors.

Presence of Database

Certain projects turn out to be a huge success, some do not. It is essential to evaluate your previous projects and identify factors that contributed to the success of certain projects and failure in others. When you depend on manual processes, it is very difficult to put together historical data in a comprehensible form for future reference.

But with estimating software, you can carry out projects as well as store key information and data of projects. All this data from previous jobs will help you get an idea about the pricing of materials, labor, and equipment.

If you want to integrate such software into your business, get in touch with Vertigraph and use our BidScreen XL, SiteWorx/OS, and other software for smoother and faster workflow. With our software, you will not need a big team of professionals to carry out manual tasks to complete a bid. Everything will be updated in real-time and completed at a greater pace.

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