SiteWorx/OS is state of the art software that creates surface models and accurately calculates site excavation quantities. SiteWorx/OS is easy, affordable and does everything that you need. Speed, productivity, accuracy, estimating confidence and profits are increased as a result of SiteWorx/OS. AutoCAD DWG files are provided with GNSS positioning and elevations for machine control. Please compare.


BidScreen XL is add-in software that documents the quantity takeoff in Microsoft Excel. BidScreen XL and Excel together provides the flexibility and simplicity that takeoff and estimating professionals require.


Save Time & Improve Accuracy with Easy to Use Construction Quantity Takeoff and Estimating Software

The Quantity Takeoff is the most important part of the construction estimate. The takeoff determines the amount of materials, labor, equipment and subcontractor costs required to construct the project. The Construction Estimate, used to bid the project, is completed by applying unit costs to the quantities taken off. If your quantities are wrong, the estimate will also be wrong. Having accurate quantities is critical to your estimating success. In order to create a construction estimate and bid, you need top-notch takeoff software that quickly, easily and accurately lists the quantities so that your cost estimate is accurate and profitable. Our best in the industry takeoff software lets you craft and organize a list of everything that is needed to construct any type of project. And both BidScreen XL and SiteWorx/OS allows you to organize this digital takeoff directly in Microsoft Excel where you’ll estimate the cost. Vertigraph’s takeoff and estimating software is ideal for general contractors, sub-contractors and professionals that are seeking to takeoff and estimate construction projects quickly, easily and accurately in Microsoft Excel.

Vertigraph is Changing How Construction Companies Do Business

What if you could produce construction estimates in half of the time? What is it worth to have your takeoff and estimate clearly organized with a clear, concise audit trail? How useful is it to have your takeoff quantities created automatically in Microsoft Excel? How important is it to create the entire takeoff and estimate with very few keystrokes? What if your bids were more competitive and you’re estimates resulted in more profitable jobs? With Vertigraph’s takeoff and estimating software, you can achieve all that. Our revolutionary products are changing how construction companies do business. Thanks to a scalable platform — it's faster and easier to create, monitor, and manage estimates, takeoffs, reports, contracts and profitability. And the results are easily saved and stored to the cloud.

Our software is best for general contractors engaged in commercial construction, heavy/highway/ industrial construction and residential home building. It is also ideal for sub-contractors engaged in Construction Divisions 2-9 including site excavation, concrete, asphalt, roofing, drywall, painting, flooring, tile, stucco, framing and finishing sub-contractors.

Why Choose Vertigraph’s Takeoff & Estimating Software

Our revolutionary take-off and estimating software empower your team to produce estimates faster, easier and with greater accuracy. Vertigraph’s BidScreen XL and SiteWorx/OS are the best takeoff software in the industry. BidScreen XL is the best because it performs the quantity takeoff from raster and vector PDF drawings directly in Excel. No need to flip-flop back and forth to Excel to apply powerful formulas and functions. Simply use your own Excel spreadsheets or customize any of the takeoff and estimating templates supplied. All sorts of Excel formulas and functions are automatically applied to the BidScreen XL measurements including rebar look tables and if/then logic. Adding BidScreen to Excel will supercharge your Takeoff and Estimating workbooks.

Our SiteWorx/OS is the best site excavation takeoff software available for five important reasons: 1) easy to use 2) ease to learn 3) powerful features 4) outstanding support and 5) value. Please compare our software to all competitors. You’ll find that, by far, Vertigraph’s takeoff and estimating software is the best in the industry.

Know What Lies Ahead — Make Better Estimates

By incorporating our takeoff tools with Excel, your company can consistently win more bids, handle more projects, and close more profitable jobs. With just a few clicks, you can easily create the takeoff and estimate where you’ll focus on the estimate details that need your immediate attention. We provide you the information that leads to improved productivity and better business decision making. Running a successful construction company means knowing your costs and profits. Vertigraph’s construction bidding software helps you track pending projects, update your estimate pipeline, and create short and long-term business forecasts with pinpoint accuracy. With this innovative software, creating an estimate is quick and efficient. You can easily modify material costs, labor productivity, subcontractor budgets and other important information in seconds.

Get Your Hands on Vertigraph’s Construction Estimating Software

If you’re looking to improve your takeoff and estimating capabilities, please download, install and evaluate the working BidScreen XL and SiteWorx/OS software. After installing BidScreen XL, go to your list of programs, click on the BidScreen XL folder and open the How to Use BidScreen XL. With SiteWorx/OS a Tutorial is found under the SiteWorxOS folder on your list of Programs. If you have any questions or seek a demo or training program, please contact us today.

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