Price List

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Software License Purchase, Full_Serve required after first year

$750BidScreen XL
$750BidPoint XL, requires digitizer tablet

Single Year Software Licenses, Full_Serve included

$400BidScreen XL one year lease, price per year
$850SiteWorx/OS one year lease, price per year
$150Drawing Compare one year lease, price per year

Digitizer tablets for use with BidPoint XL

The BidPoint XL software requires a digitizer tablet. Digitizer pricing below does not include BidPoint XL.

$2,185GTCO/CalComp rigid Super L VI 36”x48” with 2 year GTCO warranty and choice of pointer.
$1,785GTCO/CalComp Rollup III 30”x36” with 2 year GTCO warranty and choice of pointer.

Cost of Full_Serve per license, per year

Full_Serve provides unlimited support, web based training and all software enhancements.

$150Annual cost of Full_Serve when purchasing, not leasing, the license

Concurrent License Manager Program

In addition to the single computer installation licenses noted above, Vertigraph offers concurrent use licenses for SiteWorx/OS and BidScreen XL. A minimum of three concurrent licenses must be purchased to implement this license manager program. Once a minimum of three concurrent use licenses are acquired, the contractor can install the software on as many computers desired at an annual cost of $100 per installation over the number of concurrent licenses acquired. Concurrent use licenses are ideal for larger contractors with multiple offices where the software can be used companywide at a reduced cost. Contact Vertigraph today for further information about this concurrent license manager program.