How do I add BidScreen XL to Microsoft Excel?

BidScreen XL is an Excel add-in application and can only be used through Microsoft Excel. Excel must be installed and BidScreen XL must be added to Excel. Once BidScreen XL is installed and added, a BidScreen XL ribbon tab will be available in Excel. The steps to add BidScreen XL to Microsoft Excel depend on […]

Where are the Excel takeoff and estimating template files located?

A collection of takeoff and estimating templates for general contractors, concrete subcontractors and many other trades are installed with BidScreen XL.  These Excel files are found under Example Workbooks at the BidScreen XL Program Group located on your Apps or Program listing.  These Excel files may be customized to meet your needs. The path to these Excel workbooks is C:\Users\Public\Documents\Vertigraph\BidScreen […]

A drawing file was loaded, where did it go?

After loading a drawing file to Excel, the path of where that file is located is written to the Excel workbook.  To view the drawing file, click on any blank Excel cell and click on one of the four Takeoff commands (i.e. either Count, Section Length, Continuous Length or Area).  Once the command is selected, the drawing appears. Please […]

I downloaded and installed the SiteWorx/OS software, what next?

After installing SiteWorx/OS go to the apps or programs list and print the tutorial. Follow the tutorial steps for the sample project. If you have any question, please contact Vertigraph or phone us at 800-989-4243 (US and Canada) or  214-340-9436. There are SiteWorx/OS video tutorials at After completing the PDF file tutorial and watching the video […]