Dillon and Semenovich

“I’ve been using BidScreen XL and SiteWorx/OS for over ten years.  Both of these programs meet my needs.  I have no desire or need to switch programs.  I use the software three times a week during the bidding season and approximately once a week when we’re busy with work. I recommend both programs since they are easy to use and they work.  I have used and purchased database programs for estimating in the past such as Heavy Bid and Hard Dollar.  I have learned that measuring into Excel with BidScreen and building the estimate in Excel is better, easier and I have much more control of the estimate than the more cumbersome database programs that I have used.  For site excavation, doing the takeoff with SiteWorx/OS is easy, it works, and it is the best.  Again, I highly recommend both programs.”

Janine G., Founder and Owner

Dillon & Semenovich, Inc.

New York


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