“I provide takeoff and estimating services to three different grading contractors.  I have been using SiteWorx/OS for over ten years and I use it nearly every day. I have become fast and efficient with the software.   SiteWorx/OS is easy to get around in and do things, especially if you get a DWG file.  About 20% of the files I work with are AutoCAD DWG files, 40% are vector type PDF files and the other 40% are raster type PDF files.  Thankfully, the number of DWG and PDF vector files I’ve been receiving has steadily increased over the years.  I much prefer working with the DWG and vector type PDF files.  Previously I was the Chief Operating Officer of Jim L. Bost Construction and we used Agtek. SiteWorx/OS is a very good program and a good investment.  The return of investment is exceptional especially when considering the initial cost. SiteWorx/OS is ten times faster than performing the takeoff manually and the quantities are accurate. I never had complaints regarding the quantities. Yes, I recommend SiteWorx/OS.”

Bost Construction

Bob B., Owner

North Carolina

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