SiteWorx/OS Installation Instructions

Download and Install SiteWorx/OS Software

SiteWorx/OS now requires the 64 bit version of Windows. Click on Windows Control Panel, System icon to verify the number of bits.

  • Press the SiteWorx/OS button on the download page.
  • Save the SiteWorxOS_V10_Setup.exe file.
  • After saving this file, run by double clicking on the file.
  • Follow the installation wizard instructions.
  • Display and print the tutorial.

Check for Updates

  • When you first start the program, please check for updates. Go to the Help menu on the right side of the SiteWorx/OS toolbar ribbon and click on the Update Check sub-menu.


  • There is a PDF file tutorial installed with the program that is helpful in learning how to complete a takeoff. Go to the SiteWorx/OS program group under the Programs or Apps listing and click on Tutorial. Video tutorials are also available.

Further Assistance

  • If you need assistance with installation or use of the product, please contact Vertigraph by clicking here.
  • Click on FAQ's to view frequently asked questions pertaining to the SiteWorx/OS software.