BidScreen XL is add-in software that documents the quantity takeoff in Microsoft Excel. BidScreen XL and Excel together provides the flexibility and simplicity that pre-construction managers require.

  • When BidScreen XL is added, the entire takeoff process of measuring and calculating quantities is performed directly in one program – Microsoft Excel.
  • No need to flip flop back and forth between Excel and a more limited on-screen digitizing program.
  • BidScreen XL works with the top vector and raster file types such as PDF, DWG, DXF, TIFF and others.
  • Outstanding audit trail since the measurement value and color coded drawings are automatically recorded to the cell.
  • Everything is saved with the Excel workbook.
  • Functions and formulas will calculate quantities and bid pricing from the BidScreen XL measurements.
  • Use your own workbooks or customize any of the valuable takeoff and estimating templates provided.
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