File Types – Raster and Vector Files

There are many files created by the construction industry. A construction plan file will be either a raster file or a vector type file. This paper will define and explain the differences between raster and vector files. Although somewhat technical, understanding these file types is important. How the takeoff is accomplished, and the options available […]

It is all about Productivity

Why do we make more money than past generations? What makes the economy grow? The answer is productivity improvements. We are simply much more productive today. Although inflation, increased spousal earnings and population growth increases per capita income, it is productivity improvements that cause the economy to grow in real terms. In fact, we are […]

Automating the Takeoff & Estimating Process

There are many options available in applying information technology to the takeoff and estimating process. What software is available? What criteria should one use to evaluate software? Which system is best for your operations? This paper tries to shed some light on your options. Automating the Takeoff Process Takeoff is the process of obtaining quantity […]

Calculating Cut and Fill Quantities: Modern Techniques and Best Practices

General and site contractors are often searching for the ideal way to calculate cut and fill quantities from grading plans. While there are a variety of approaches, certain methodologies may be better than others, depending on the contractor’s needs. This article will identify these approaches. Key Points for Consideration The first question contractors should ask […]